Titanium anode for electroplating wastewater

We have grouped under the name of electroplating water treatment all of those processes which use the electrochemical method to purify or recycle waters coming from other key processes, for example belong to this group:
 ■Recovery of metals from pickling or washing solutions (Copper, Silver, Zinc, Gold, Rhodium...)
 ■Destruction of cyanide in washing waters of galvanic baths
 ■Chlorination/disinfection of waters containing harmful micro-organisms
 ■Treatment of dump leaching: destruction of Ammonia, Nitrates
 ■Dehumidification of walls
For all of these processes the activated Titanium anode will be able to be used in the variety of shapes and geometries that the plant’s builder requires. Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. offers its consultancy for the optimisation of the anode, depending on the various needs.


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